Mindful Thinking

Give me a minute, I will think something negative... Okay, my roommate is a cunt. I am really angry now. What do I do now?

The next step is to guide the thinking into peaceful emotions.

So when I am, for example, angry, I come back toward peaceful emotions. That would basically be loving-kindness (metta) meditation? Then I am back to peaceful and normal. So far, so good.

And while allowing the confusion to enter with full force observe your emotions.

And then there is this part. This is where I leave. First of all i can't put my mind into confusion on command. I don't even know where to start. And even if I could, I wouldn't.

Confusion is one of those states which impair function. I can do this being human thing, and all it entails, quite well when feeling feelings of loving kindness, meditative calm, peace, tranquility, mindfulness, you have it. There is no problem in training my mind to experience those things, and to actively induce them. Even when they come up unbidden in my everyday life (which they do), there is no problem.

Confusion is not like that. When thoughts become confused, or feelings of confusion come up unbidden in my everyday life, I would consider that a problem. And when I put myself into states of confusion every day as part of my practice, that state will come up more often and will come up unbidden at times. While it may be a tool (important question: Does it even work?), strengthening your ability to be confused by daily training does not seem desirable in any way.

Your approach reminds me a bit of some tantric methods which use anger as a tool to break down the mind. I heard they work well. If used under direct guidance of an experienced teacher. And if you don't happen to go insane, regardless of that guidance.

tl;dr: No. Wouldn't touch any kind of practice with a ten foot pole that actively puts you into states which impair mental function.

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