Askmen can seem like a vast battlefield of relationship horror stories, because happy people rarely speak up. C'mon guys, lets hear some success stories! What makes you happy with your SO right now?

Well I hope this doesn't get any hate but I might as well tell you my story so far. Just keep on reading.

Me (17), SO (18) - 1 year and 9 months

I hope you didn't stop reading this when you read my age, if you're still reading you're awesome! She was my second girlfriend, now I say "was" because now girlfriend doesn't really describe what she is to me. I had just gotten dumped for the first time and felt like shit. A month later I met her. She's beautiful, funny and the cutest thing on this planet. Now the first few months were tough and we almost broke up twice, but we got through it and now we are at a stage where everything is just perfect. She has extremely strict parents, so when we go out I cherish that day. It doesn't matter where we go cause we always end up having fun because we're together. We text each other all day everyday. We are both extremely serious about this relationship. We're graduating high school in June and we're both studying in a different country which is gonna be the toughest part in our relationship in the foreseeable future.

Now that I've described our relationship let me tell you why this relationship is real and is gonna last, and that even young people are capable of loving each other. When we found out that we're gonna end up studying in different countries, breaking up was never am option. It never came into either of our minds. We looked on the positive side and started ensuring each other that it'll work out and that we'll get through it. We plan to get engaged after we graduate from college, and married asap after that. We're not taking things too quickly simply because we are truly and amazingly in love and getting married seems like the only viable next step.

When I think about us living together, I feel what I'm pretty sure is true happiness. Waking up next to her, sleeping next to her, playing around and making her laugh. I want that so bad that my stomach hurts just thinking about it. I know you asked for successful relationships, and that you probably didn't even get this far but even though we're still young, I am the luckiest person alive because I have found the love of my life so early. We are gonna last forever, and absolutely nothing will change that.

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