Mohamed Atta & the Venice Flying Circus (2004) by Daniel Hopsicker is a film that examines the stories of the 9/11 terrorist pilots in Venice, Florida [01:00:20]

Three of the four 9/11 terrorist pilots learned to fly in tiny Venice, Florida, a retirement community with the second oldest population of any city in the entire United States. They attended flight schools owned by two Dutch nationals, one of whom has Mob ties. Did 19 Arab terrorists indiscriminately roam around in Florida? Or were they being trained here in a covert intelligence operation?

This in-depth investigation by Daniel Hopsicker into the associations of Mohamed Atta and other terrorist pilots in Venice, Florida, as they prepared for the 9/11 attacks discloses that the FBI led a massive postattack cover-up designed to conceal their knowledge of the terrorists' activities. Unreported stories including the assassination attempt on the life of President George W. Bush on the morning of September 11, 2001, and the rampant drug-trafficking of the financier behind the flight school the terrorist pilots attended are fully discussed, with attention to the stunning evidence that the CIA was aware that hundreds of Arab flight students were pouring into southwest Florida. This examination of the conspiracy behind the 9/11 investigation and the CIA complicity in the illegal activities that allowed the known terrorists' activities to continue offers truth behind the "official" story of the attacks.

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