Moms of reddit, what’s something you know about your kid(s) that they don’t think you know about them?

My daughter is 3 so this isn’t a big reveal or anything but she had a big poop accident at daycare. All the kids gathered around her and watched while the accident was discovered in her underwear. Her teacher told me she got so embarrassed that she started crying terribly. She’s always been happy to tell me about her accidents (which don’t happen often). I usually ask.

This is the first time she’s blatantly lied to me. I didn’t ask because the last thing I want is to make her feel worse about it. Then out of the blue that night she says “mommy I didn’t have any accidents today, you know”. So I looked her and said “that’s great honey, but it’s ok if you do, too. Even mommy has accidents when I sneeze sometimes.” And I gave her a big hug.

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