MonteCristo NALCS VOD Review: TSM vs CLG

11:04 monte saying it was risky from dyrus to go there.

actually it wasn't risky at all. he saw ahri mid from zed and saw 4 people invading. meaning he had time to plant that ward and tp back. the chance for ahri to check that bush under normal circumstances is 0. from ahri's perspective enemy can be anywhere, they could be counterinvading their blue or checking their jungle exits to see if they leave or collapse somewhere else.

the only reason ahri checked that bush is probably because previous scrims dyrus did the same and he was mindgamed... but even then he has teleport summoner spell and there is no way the 4 invader can get there in time before dyrus tp-s home. enemy will have teleport advantage(which doesn't matter that much this early game) but tsm will have information advantage by knowing enemy jungle path.

14:10 playing "far up" with ahri is not a mistake. you cannot stay at tower waiting for some random roams. especially when you still have flash up. sometimes even dying is worth if you have no vision but you could farm more than 20 cs. this time he had no potential of dying so playing "far up" was definitely the right play. if you get behind from zed due to being zoned at level1 you will be fucked. you will be either zoned hard after 6 or zed will have insane pressure by outpushing you and roaming. basically with ahri: you have to play aggressive or neutral when you have flash up. you only play passive when it is down and you are not 6 yet. especially with flask.

19:00 he says CLG has the advantage here despite giving away first blood.

which is a very bold and great observation imo. zion's decision was better to die for the level and gold and tower. if corki didn't get the kill there, TSM might have been in trouble

20:00 he asks why doran's ring on ahri.

because it gives you more mana. flask is not enough to sustain you with it, and with enough mana you can constantly push on zed and spellvamp from it. dont need to build defensive yet, ahri generally better than zed before level6... but bjergsen is just bjergsen and somehow outharasses an ahri with flask.

31:40 criticizing the rylai rush of kennen by saying "who is gonna split against zed?

kennen couldn't have stand a chance to split against zed anyway. kennen has 26 cs and levels behind when zed has 92. zed can even beat ahri in 1v1 but ahri have better waveclear to defend turret.

generally in the meta of laneswapping, as a toplaner your only goal in the beginning should be to be more useful than the enemy top laner. if you are very behind then you cannot carry. means you will probably have to go utility build if you dont want to lose early game by trying to get your core items. rylai is a good utility build, with a good flash in or coming from behind he can slow the entire enemy team and might be able to get out during the W stun. furthermore imo great adaptation by clg since they lack a real initiatior, so kennen has to do it and rylai helps at that.

i agree with everything else he said.

if people care i might continue, i will just sleep now.

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