Monthly Open Forum July 2020

I'm literally ready to leave this fucking sub. The amount of karma I've LOST in the last week is insane. On one of them I literally had the same vote as a comment that got an award and 300+ upvotes, for the same reason too, but i guess i wasnt articulate enough so I got -20. I literally dont wanna comment on this sub anymore cause I'm just gonna loose all my karma. I came to this sub for fun debates, not to comment "YTA sorry I don't agree with your actions here" only to get 30 downvotes and replies saying "umm technically OP didn't HAVE to do anything here, they had no obligation even if they may be perceived as an asshole. You're an asshole for assuming they are one".

I asked a few days ago if theres anyway to enforce rule 2. I got no response. This sub is fun to read so I dont wanna go but frankly I'm tired of this sub being a giant circlejerk of people saying "tEcHnIcAlLy" and mass downvoting anyone they disagree with, regardless of how good the argument is. "You said ESH and assumed OP was even slightly in the wrong? WTF, DOWNVOTE". Like the AITA hivemind just decides what a judgement is gonna be on a post and mass downvotes everyone regardless, taking away any attempts and conversation because any dissenting opinions are are hidden way at the bottom of every thread

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