The Mormon church officially supports LGBT rights.

Do you practice sounding like every time you hear these responses is the first time?

Its pretty hard to believe that anybody who put even ten minutes of thought into this subject couldn't come up with this on their own, and its absolutely not believable that this response, along with many others, won't be brought up every time you broach this topic.

So. Is this really your first time? If it is, if you've really put that little thought into this, why the almighty fuck do you feel you have the authority to open your mouth and tell anybody else how to live their lives?

Where do you get that arrogance?

And if its not the first time, why pretend?
Why lie?

Maybe few are impolite or bored enough to actually call you on it, but you don't think for a moment anybody is reading these responses and thinking, 'gee, what a swell person who deals well with conflicting points of view.'.

If it was a solitary act, that'd be one thing, but when its the response Ever Single Mormon who shows up and talks has?

What, you think we're all going to believe that you guys just -happen- to all think exactly the same way by nature?

That literally all of you are so naive and devoid of independent thought (not to mention empathy for others) that the impossibly obvious ways in which you harm others don't occur to you?

Maybe we would.

If you didn't open your mouths and make it absolutely clear time after time that no matter how polite you are being, you are not listening, you are not learning and the fact that your bullshit has a real toll in the suffering of others is something which you. do. not. care. about.

What I really want to ask is how you internalize it. Is it a dehumanization deal? We don't get to live our lives free of your beliefs because god doesn't love us? Because we're less than you? Are you doing it for our own good, because you know better?

But I don't think I'll ever get a straight answer to that because I think if any of you actually looked at the hurt you caused, if it ever became real to you, you couldn't live with yourselves.

So instead, the other question.

Is this really the first time you've talked about these ideas you have about how all of us should be living our lives online? Are you really so arrogant you can hold ideas like that so blindly and support an institution that would inflict them upon us as law without a second thought?

Do all mormons do this once, get questions they can't actually answer but are forced to acknowledge politely and then decently recuse themselves from voicing their arrogant and revealed to be substanceless opinions to be replaced by the next batch who've never had this discussion before?

Or are you guys really so short-sighted you don't think it looks kinda funny that all of you sound exactly the same when presented with evidence or ideas that make it pretty goddamned clear you want to attack the marriages of others in the same way you claim your own is somehow attacked?

Because i don't see a third option, either its always new-comers who've never talked about or thought about this banally simple stuff before, yet feel entitled to tell others how to live with regards to it; or you all are playing the politely ignorant card everytime its revealed to be hollow garbage.

Which is it? Which are you?

Your ideas are finally dying, thank mercy, but the damage its done measured in human misery is very real.

One last question, though I doubt you'll even read this far or honestly think about or answer anything I ask you; but I bet this is one you've never been asked before.

If your marriage can only survive off the extinction of other marriages, if your love for another can only exist by -denying- the love of others, is it a love worth having? Can you live with a spouse OF YOUR CHOOSING and kids, see them every day and know the only way having them was possible, the only way it was 'safe', was by denying another man or woman their spouse OF THEIR CHOOSING and their kids?

Every fucking polite non-answer you give is a 'yes' to that question, but i'd love just once to hear you (yeah, the plural 'you'. get the guy next door to do it if you can't, I'd just love to hear the truth out of you guys just once...) say it outright.

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