Greece election results - Syriza wins

My argument is not that other parties also do wrong, it's that the wrong other parties do is many orders of magnitude worse than Golden Dawn's, yet Golden Dawn is the one in jail, on false accusations.

Let me explain why I voted for SYRIZA.

I do not trust SYRIZA, ND, PASOK, Golden Dawn, KKE, Potami or any other party in Greece. I believe the Golden Dawn is full of idiots and traitors, save for some people like Kasidiaris and Panagiotaros who are honest, and that the other parties are a mafia. I am a communist, and my family has a history in the resistance. My mother's father died a few years ago from bone cancer caused by beatings by nazis. My father's father was not in the resistance because he was 10 years old, and he took care of his mother and sisters while his older brothers fought the nazis. Two of his sisters were sent to concentration camps, but fortunately they survived.

Here's how KKE betrayed my family: My father's father's older brother was in KKE, and under the orders of the leadership he, along with some of his comrades crawled through miles of shit in the sewers to place explosives under Megali Vretania, while Churchill was there. The higher ups told him not to put an alarm clock on, because he would be awoken by the explosion in the morning.

He woke up in the afternoon to realize that the leadership had fucked them over. They told Churchill about the bombs, to show him that they could have killed him but didn't, because they are willing to cooperate with the new occupants. My great uncle crawled through miles of shit for absolutely no fucking reason.

On my father's mother's side, there was also betrayal. Their family had a hidden printing shop for KKE, and the leadership told them to denounce KKE for safety. They signed the declarations so they could keep working for KKE, and yet they were persecuted as traitors later on by KKE. Mind you, there are countless cases where KKE betrayed its members in that exact fashion, the most prominent one being with Aris Velouxiotis.

So now that I've explained why I hate KKE with a passion while being a communist, let's move on to SYRIZA. SYRIZA has already shown that it is completely willing to screw the Greek people over in order to please their EU masters. Unlike Golden Dawn, they are not even considering defaulting on the fraudulent debt and leaving the EU, instead they claim they will renegotiate some terms. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Samaras, Papadimos and Papandreou "negotiated" again and again, and still for some reason they always came back defeated and with new austerity plans. SYRIZA has taken over the role of PASOK and has nothing to do with the "radical left". Plus, SYRIZA stood for the illegal persecution of Golden Dawn members by ND, even after proof of Samaras' corruption was leaked by Golden Dawn. Even if Golden Dawn members were nazis, a left party has absolutely no excuse to stand by their illegal persecution by a far right party like ND. Samaras is a mafioso who should be rotting in jail, and SYRIZA pretends that issue does not exist.

I don't think I need to explain why I hate the other parties. ANEL has some honest people like Xaikalis, but that's it.

The reason I voted for SYRIZA is that I wanted them to form a government as soon as possible, so that they can betray the people like they will, showing to the very last Greek that our problems can not be fixed by votes, since all parties are members of the same mafia. The only way our problems can be fixed is by violent communist revolutions in Greece first, and then Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, France, and the rest of the world in good time. Capitalism has gone bankrupt and no reform can fix it. America owes 18 trillion dollars and has outsourced most of its production. It should have defaulted years ago, and the only thing keeping them afloat is their military strength.

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