The music industry wants to fight the internet again—and it’s probably going to lose

musique concrete recordings from the 1950s

Technically, NIN and "record producing" artists are an offshoot of musique concrete, but we'll go by the wiki definition and leave them out. No need to get emotional about it.

The point is that NIN (or any other household name band) commands a price tag because they are distinctive

No, they aren't. Ever heard of darkwave?

Despite a few bands trying, shoving a keyboard into a rock song doesn't replicate Trent's brilliance on The Downward Spiral.

Well, there you go with the self-fellatory comments, as you put it.

Better production and more creative ideas per second

Too much repetition for that to make any sense, but I'll go ahead and assume you created your own mix of the entire album cut down to 6 minutes of material.

The more of an individual identity and popular appeal you can muster, the greater power you have to command a price.

The less you understand about music, the more you can argue that point.

Nameless bedroom dance producers and 1950s musique concrete composers don't have that. NIN does.

Don't have what? Consumer drugs and raves full of pre-teen fans? You need to fish from a bigger barrel to get what NIN has achieved - the music comes secondary.

I resent your implication that bands that put on stage shows are for "fools and idiots"

I never said that - however, bands that rely on stage shows, dressing up, smoke and mirror garbage, etc. definitely fit that bill. Most of these major artists have become that, especially NIN, and although they are expected to put on a good show, they aren't expected to release good music because idiots like you idolize the toilets that they sit on.

"self-aggrandizing pretentious cunt" territory

Hey, I'm not the one sucking off NIN and claiming they are anywhere near genius.

a fitting visual for their recording of a violin falling down a stairwell.

Ah, so that is why you have such deep emotions for NIN.

Just because you never leave your house to see a decent show

I spend nearly every dime I have on music shows, and I love and respect all kinds of music - but your over-inflated opinion of one or two bands is laughable at best and shows your fanboy ignorance and unwillingness to see music in a different light. Go back to masturbating in a corner and thinking that the scene girls have any interest in you.

Music is dying as an artform and career and I'm not OK with it.

Pretty ignorant to say - music artists have definitely been through rougher times.

Making a good album is still a full time job.

For many of the successful (and still some of my favorite artists), its a weekend job that simply requires taking ideas from "nameless bedroom dance producers and 1950s musique concrete composers" and putting a "distinctive" sound to it that ultimately "commands a price tag." I'm not being a pretentious cunt - just a realistic music lover. I call it what it is, and a nice unique sound that Reznor uses doesn't cover the musical notes and ideas that are obvious to any objective listener. He definitely is talented, sure, but you need to take a step back and understand that you won't be able to understand all the jokes thrown in your direction.

Musicians need to get paid. Deal with it.

Most do - just not from music. The musicians life isn't a Hollywood movie.

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