[WP] Earth turns out to be one of humanity's many long lost colonies.

The day the aliens came to Earth was sudden and unexpected. Earth was in the midst of a massive and extremely devastating world war. As the armies of Earth gathered for one final battle, the ships descended from the skies and immediately ravaged the entire battlefield, sending helicopters crashing, tanks burning, and soldiers disintegrating. And I remember how eerily silent the field was, as the ships silently descended on the earth.

I remember being a member of the delegation that was hastily composed and sent to speak with them. The vessels they rode upon must have been filled with light, as when the ship's bays opened a blinding flash flooded our vision. My mind was racing as I wondered what kind of beings these newcomers were.

I stood before this strange space ship, nervously anticipating the first contact with an extraterrestrial race. As my eyes grew accustomed to the light I saw familiar figures, familiar features...they looked human, just like us. However, though they physically resembled us, they seemed different...more empowered in some strange intangible way.

"We have come...to welcome you back under the Hegemony," the figure in the center spoke. Welcome us back? What did he mean by that?

"You have long been lost to the Hegemony for too long, and we have finally returned to reclaim our ancient territory." The figure spoke of this "Hegemony" again...but what was it? Why did he claim that earth was ancient territory?

As I regained my senses, I finally told them, "Hello, my name is Steven LaCroix, and I'm a representative of the United League. There is much we would like to know of you and-"

"We told you we would return, and now that we have, it is time for you to surrender your government and place yourself under the authority of the Hegemony," The figure abruptly cut me off, and raised his hand. "It is time for you to return to our rule. Be joyful"

What did he mean? Told us that they would return? We have no solid historical recordings of these people, and how dare they demand that we simply relinquish our power and rule over our homeland? "What are you talking about? We don't know who you are, and it's hardly proper etiquette to demand a species' homeland on the first diplomatic meeting. That's not how negotations work!" I angrily replied, slightly trembling with a mix of both fear and anger.

"Earth is not your homeland. You are merely a colony, an extension under the Hegemony that has long been lost but will now be returned to rightful rule. Our return was told to you many times by our messengers, yet you have ignored all our directives. Your rulers who have defied us and kept your people from the Hegemony will be returned to Eden to face trial for treason. There will be no negotiation." Suddenly, a massive ship the size of several cities descended from the skies, as a deafening noise inspired terror and awe within me.

Upon its landing, I saw a resplendent and advanced city that was immediately transplanted into the earth. "This is to be the first of the Hegemony's expansions unto this planet. All interactions between your false government and Eden will be through this city" The figure declared. My mind was struggling to keep up with these changes, and I had clearly lost control of these negotiations as soon as the figure had begun speaking. The rest of the delegation was equally at a loss as to what to do. Suddenly, one of the members of our delegation spoke out. "Uh...and what is to be the name of this..city?"

The figure turned, and replied, "You will call it New Zion."

The arrival of these ships immediately sent shock waves through the nations. The United Powers began to dissolve and although the war was ended, the sudden arrival of these invaders caused further tension and potential for more conflict. After all, these...aliens were essentially calling for the annexation of our entire planet.

The people of Earth were baffled and shocked. Throughout the years, many of us had contemplated the existence of alien life, yet we never expected them to plant a massive city in our planet, and we surely didn't expect them to resemble us. We had no way of testing if we were indeed of the same species, as these newcomers refused any interaction with our nations unless it had to do with relinquishing our power.

There was no way we would surrender ourselves to this strange and seemingly autocratic power that we had no knowledge of. Upon my return to Montreal, I saw how the people were fearful of this sudden change of circumstance, and although we had suffered through the cataclysmic 7 years war, many were more fearful of this strange "Hegemony" that had arrived on this planet. After all, we fear the things we don't know more than the things that we do know, and we were all familiar with world wars more than intergalactic empires.

Despite the end of the United League, many of the nations still conducted secret meetings discussing the Hegemony. It was clear that negotiations with this empire was impossible, as these people refused any other condition other than total surrender. Many of us were at a loss as to how to respond to this new and far more advanced empire.

The two largest remaining nations ultimately suggested that we resort to violence. The remaining nations of this Earth not under the rule of the Hegemony was to battle this new power that had just decimated the world's armies a few months earlier.

"We know that these newcomers have weapons beyond our current capabilities. We know that right now, there is no chance we can defeat this 'Hegemony'. However, we can't just let them take our planet without a fight. We need to figure something out!" The representative of the Northern Territories spoke with a ferocity that was absent in many of the shaken world leaders. It helped that he was backed by one of the largest surviving armies of the nations.

"What exactly would you have us do? Like you say, we have no way to beat this power, and we barely know anything about them!" One of the other representatives replied.

"Ah, but you're wrong my friend" The representative of the Northern Territories stood tall and smiled, "So far, the 'Hegemony' isn't actively attempting to integrate the rest of the planet into their rule. That not only gives us some time, but also suggests that perhaps this 'all powerful' empire isn't as strong as we think. Also, if what they say is true, and that they really are humans just like us, that means we also know how they think. They will be given to the same desires and follies we are, and we'll be able to predict their actions to a degree."

"We still don't have the technology to compete with their armies!" Another voice cried out.

"We don't have to attack right now. We have time," the representative of the Eastern territories replied. "I suggest that for now, we maintain some peaceful relations with them and perhaps open up trade with them. No matter what it takes, we must establish some sort of exchange so that we can recover from our war and gain access to some of their technology. We will also use espionage to find out the secrets to their weapons, and for as long as we can, we will recover our strength and amplify our arsenal."

"We will find a way my friends. For today, we wait, but tomorrow, we strike and repel these invaders, and reestablish our rule over this planet." As the representative from the Northern Territories concluded his speech, the rest of the conference murmured in agreement.

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