My (23F) partner (25M) keeps bottling up his emotions

But at what point do you just stop trying to convince them that you’re a non-judgmental/understanding/open person who will always be there to talk to no matter what? When it’s been said so many times by me & therapists it’s like frustrating.

I understand trauma, I really do. I have it myself, and I recognize everyone deals with it in certain ways so I guess it’s my problem since I’m having a hard time with my partner not feeling like he can express his emotions to me in an honest way.

It almost feels like a trust issue at that point, and I try not to take it personally, but it becomes personal when my partner says he’s committed to me and want to get married, etc, but then he doesn’t communicate properly/thinks he’s communicating properly.

Maybe I’m the selfish one for thinking it’s me or for worrying about how it’s affecting me, but in the long run our s/o should know that they can always talk to us no matter what.

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