My crown turned dark two years ago, and just cracked in half last thursday.

I pointed out that if it was caused by a cavity, there is no one to blame but yourself.

That's cool. Yet also entirely irrelevant because there is no cavity and never has been.

If you don't know what "enamel problem" you have then there's no way I'm going to know either.

I do know. I linked it in other comments. Not that you'd read them even if they were right under your nose, though.

I did make the assumption that you do not have amelogenesis imperfecta or dentinogenesis imperfecta as they are extremely rare genetic disorders.

Ah, so you admit you falsely assumed something. I do, in fact, have amelogenesis imperfecta.

So why was it dark? I have no idea and neither did your dentist.

No kidding, but other dentists do know.

Two years ago he had the ability to look at the tooth, look at an xray, and examine the area in person and believed that the best treatment was to wait and see. This is absolutely appropriate treatment.

Oh yeah, is it? It's appropriate to not go and research possibilities as to why a patient's crown turned dark, and then do nothing about it until, it just so happens, that the warranty has expired...?

To reiterate what I said earlier, trust your dentist not some website. The dentist has the whole story.

And to reiterate what I said earlier, it wasn't just "some website", it was a question asked by someone and answered by a real dentist, of whom you can contact by finding his phone number on his profile on that very website.

Dr. Hornbrook's reply mentions microleakage and bacteria/decay seeping under the margins of the crown- these are things that are out of any dentist's control


I spend a lot of time on this website trying to educate and help those who have questions regarding their dental treatment, their teeth, their dentures, whatever. I get no benefit other than helping others and I put a lot of time and energy into thinking about the things I post. You can see from my post history that I am very active in this subreddit. But it's replies like yours that make me wonder why I waste brain space thinking about your case. You criticize me for making assumptions then question my skills as a dentist and tell me I should be ashamed. Ridiculous...

You should probably stop then. It would likely be better for everyone since all you do is blame the patient, make assumptions, and fail to give any sort of congruent and coherent solution or conclusion.

You say over and over to trust my dentist. I do. There was no cavity according to him. What options are left that turned it dark...? Decay and microleakage. What causes those things...? A poor sealing job according to other real dentists. Yet you are still failing to suggest that this is *even a possibility and that my dentist should not be charging me for a problem he caused five years ago and which appeared with symptoms two years ago.

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