My(f20s) friend (m20s) of 2 years depends way too much on me and engages in freaky behaviour when I'm unavailable.

I (currently 21f but was 18/19f at the time) used to have a male friend who would emotionally drain me. he was in love with my freshman roommate and she turned him down which caused a whole shitstorm. dude completely stopped talking to me after freshman year to hang out with guys on his sports team after i spent so much time checking in on him and genuinely caring for him a lot. He facetimed me every night of spring break for hours while i was going through a lot of shit at home but didn't even tell him because he was torn up. Idk if it's the same thing with your friend situation, but my advice would be to not let him drain you like that. I think it's a narcissism thing but who knows. his mental health is not your responsibility and you deserve to feel like your needs matter in the relationship too. as far as how to go about it without completely cutting him off? idk man that's a tough one...i guess i'd suggest to stop being as helpful/responsive to the drama? like instead of really talking it out with him over text or whatever, just be like "dude that sucks im sorry" as a way to let him know you're not there to be his therapist. bottom line is you shouldn't feel bad about getting some distance...that kind of thing isn't healthy for either of you.

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