My Mercy tattoo! It's been about a year and a half since she's been done ☺️

I’m gonna be worse than that guy. Just gonna be straight up. This tat looks terrible.

That’s not the only issue the body is poorly drawn too. Nightmare breasts.

Whyd they outline everything but the face, which is also poorly drawn. looks nothing like mercy at all the eyes aren’t the same shape as each-other.

Wtf happened to her head gear. It became rectangular.

Why is her arm so small.

Why don’t her wings line up with her back.

Generally if you want a tattoo you’d want a good artist to do it. It’s PERMANENT. It looks like some random 16yr old amateur on deviantart/tumblr drew this. I’m assuming you drew this yourself and thought it looked good enough to permanently put on your body.

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