My work as an escort (male) in numbers - first post here [OC]

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. A woman's ability to orgasm varies greatly woman to woman and often has little to do with the man's "skills" (assuming he's not totally incompetent) and everything to do with the woman's propensity to orgasm. Having been with a decent amount of women before I got married (about 70), I learned that most men have zero f-ing clue about women and assume their sexuality is similar to men (image-based, orgasm-focused). It is not. Penis size (assuming not micro) has little importance and large size is actually a huge problem for most women due to pain. Orgasm is not the only reason women have sex. The #1 thing women want is a guy that's not nervous, weird, or neurotic about the experience ("how was it for you? Did you come? What should I do differently?") Relax, guys. Just be present. That's all they want.

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