Nearly half of people aged 18-34 are entering their 30s in Japan without any sexual experience, leaving the country facing a steep population decline

I have so much respect and admiration for Japanese culture, but I've heard a bunch about this lately, and it's an aspect of Japan that completely mystifies me. What is it about Japanese society that has suddenly caused their youngest generation to go completely bonkers and drop out of something other societies usually have to strive hard just to contain?

From a strict public policy standpoint, it might be time for the Japanese government to start asking hard questions because it seems almost epidemiological in scope. If it's lifestyle related, pass ironclad laws to curtail aggravating factors of work culture or whatnot so that young men and women can have the inclination to develop a healthy sex life. The stability of the nation literally depends on this more than even a robust GDP, or good infrastructure. If it's environmental, maybe start looking into possible factors that might be hampering healthy emotional development.

And other societies should take note too. It's an object lesson for the potential pitfalls of a work culture in overdrive.

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