Need Help: Broke as fudge college student. I want to experient with some short films but my budget is super low. Are there any passable video cameras under S200?

awesome man! Well I myself am an editor but I might be able to help you out. When it comes to DSLR's, it's more about the lens you choose than it is the camera body. Even with the nicest camera there is, if you put crap in front of your camera you are going to get crap. So you'll need a few prime lenses to achieve different types of shots. As for your camera body, that really depends on your skill level and what you are willing to spend. In my personal opinion, the Nikon and the cannon DSLR's really don't differ that much at all. Nikon is cheaper, so I went with Nikon. Essentially, you can choose between the D3200, D5300, D7100, or D800. When it comes to still photos, these cameras you will notice a big difference as you upgrade into the higher models. But for video, I notice very very little difference between my D3200 and my brother's D7100. So get what you can afford. Then, I have the kit lens that it came with, a tokina wide angle lens, and a f/1.8 35mm prime lens. Now, this will give you a super basic and beginner level camera. It is in no way a professional set-up, but for starting out this set up has worked absolute wonders for me. The D3200, with the lenses I mentioned, will probably cost close to 600 bucks which may seem steep, but it has been invaluable to me as a way to get my feet wet in DSLR filmmaking and learn the ropes. But if you wish to go up from there and purchase even better cameras, perhaps look at 4K body's. This includes the GH4, the G6 or G7, or the BMPCC. Personally, I've never used these cameras and I don't know anything about them other than they are, perhaps, the most popular 4K capable cameras out there. I do know that they are pretty darn expensive though....oh well, the point is, it all depends on what exactly you are looking for and what you wish to achieve. Never forget that your camera is about 10 percent of the battle, and there are about a million things more important. While you worry about gear and technical equipment, don't forget to tell us an interesting story!!! And even if you have a RED epic, if you rape my ears with bad audio I'll turn your movie off :) best of luck to you my man, if you ever make something post it here and I'd love to take a look at it. Peace!

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