I [21M] made my friend [20F], of a couple of months, angry by being sarcastic. Looking for advice.

friday 13/11/2015


me - Hallo! What is your user?

sunday 15/11/2015


me - (her duolingo user name), was telling me that so difficult?



Sam - I don't answer quickly to ANYBODY, but when I see it, I answer.


Me - I'm sorry, I'm getting mad at everything these days and when I saw that you practised in duolingo this weekend I guessed that you ignored the message

in any case I'm following you in duolingo, the rest of the "german group" give up because of college


I leave you one of my favourites courses, if you manage to watch the 11 videos understanding everything then you are at A2 or B1 level (link to said playlist)

It has a pdf with the dialogues in german and translations in english. It should be here (link with the page with the pdfs) but it seems the link is down, in any case I have those pdfs.

(link to a section of a blog) <-- This is my favourite section of a blog that a german guy writes, you can learn a lot more about the use of certain words. For example "denn" it's used a lot in the daily tongue and duolingo doesn't say anything about it. It's useful to fill, it doesn't mean anything by itself. In german those things are very common.

For example duolingo would give "Wer ist das?" as "Who is that?" but in the daily german it would be a lot more common to hear "Wer ist denn das?" that means the same but it's more informal, nicer.


I also have books and audio books if you are interested!

AHH and one of the best manuals of reference when one is learning declensions! (link to said web page)

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Sorry if something I said about German is inaccurate, I hope it isn't

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