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I technically began in 2012 (but quit). Then I restarted in 2014 and built a few small apps. Then I found out you could only use Google Wallet to join the Play Store, and Google doesn't accept my debit card for some reason. I don't have a credit card or have reason for one since cash is still used more often in my country, and I have no income. Thus, I cannot submit apps to the Play Store.

Should I continue with Android? It's turning out to be a lot of effort with not much actual reward other than personal satisfaction. It takes me a long time (over a month) to make simple apps that use REST API calls that I could make in a day or two using web technologies. I was initially hoping to make a career out of this as a solo developer, since it's not like I can get a job at a company that makes apps, since near where I am you aren't allowed to sit for interviews if your college marks aren't high enough, and I was then planning to leverage that experience into a job a few years down the line, but Google or my bank isn't going to let that happen. I don't feel like I wasted a year learning it since it was fun even when frustrating, but I'm continually lacking the motivation to continue.

This keeps happening to me, often my own fault. When I was about 15-16, I was quite stupid. I had started making websites, and had used Adsense. I had told my high school friends that I would earn money if they clicked ads. They did, although Google realized it and rightfully terminated my account, and I rightfully didn't receive any money (Only about 20% of the views and clicks were genuine). But because of that I was permanently banned from Adsense.

Even though that was a blow, it was relatively okay since stuff like HTML and PHP are relatively really easy to learn, but Android takes a bit of time so I really don't want to invest in something that won't pay off in the long run. Nowadays I just make apps that help me out personally, like a customized Instagram feed or an app to control stuff on my computer since I'm additionally really fucking lazy, which aren't really publishable since they are too customized and there are existing better general apps.

I have terrible luck when it comes to Google and monetization.

I just don't know whether to continue or not.

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