New York approves COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers, removes religious exemption; they must all be vaccinated by Oct. 7.

ThAnK yOu fOr ShArInG, FrIeNdS.

Shut up, bot. "mandated Covid inoculations", "experimental inoculations", what the fuck are you saying? Someone's stupid beliefs in some magical wizards in the sky should not apply when it comes to protecting others. The COVID-19 vaccines are not experimental, and I'm happy they're now trying to force healthy people to get vaccinated. Those who refuse, may their magical wizard in the sky or the natural course of things help them.

If you don't get the jab, you're putting others at risk. I can surely understand if the person has serious health issues like brain tumors, diabetes, has a history of heart issues, blood clots, etc., those people - or at least most of them - do actually try to still protect themselves and the people around them by wearing masks and staying at a considerable distance, while some of the religious folk who think God or Allah or whoever else is there says in their 2-millenia-old book that vaccines are bad or that if we had trouble breathing, God would have fixed our bodies with pure mysical magic roam the streets freely, not giving two shits about protecting others, possibly spreading the virus and doing whatever they please because "God said so".

In short, if you work in ANY position where you meet with a lot of people (e.g Hospital, Police Station, Bank, Store), and especially in places like Hospitals, you need to get the jab. Your stupid beliefs are equal to zero when it comes to protecting people, and it should stay that way.

How come in most countries, people do as they're told because it's for the greater good of everyone, but in the US people don't want to, because "muh liberties"? Absolute shitshow.

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