New Zealand's Ardern sworn in for second term after landslide win

The only reason masks weren't suggested initially was because of concerns that the supply wouldn't be able to meet demand (which turned out to be a valid concern considering the strategic stockpile was depleted in April.) Masks are not perfect, but they're MUCH better than nothing. Not everything is a conspiracy dude.

So the government was lying? Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

Oh, and public safety absolutely trumps your "right" to not wear a mask. It's the same reason you're required to wear a seatbelt, stop at red lights, and not allowed to tell "fire" in a crowded theater. Get over yourself.

No it doesn't, and those comparisons are inane. Public safety is harmed by people not wearing masks. In fact, the virus spreading will build T-Cell herd immunity which is better in the long-term. Look at Sweden, Great Barington Declaration. Just because Reddit censors something, that doesn't mean it's bad/wrong.

And let's be honest: it: If you'd ring the police on a neighbour who hasn't seen a family member in months, who came to visit them in violation of lockdown restrictions, you'd probably have turned over Anne Frank to the Gestapo. The law is not a moral compass.

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