A nice hypothetical for theists... (Christians in particular). (Why do you believe?)

If there's a perfect moral authority then what will happen to homosexuals? They won't stop being born...

Benevolent Dictatorships are risky, because as the saying goes - power corrups. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Yes put simply what brings the most total joy and happiness IS the right thing to do, because what else is there? Worshipping our lord and saviour jesus christ? If everyone was a christian what would stop us from killing ourselves so we could all worship him in heaven NOW?

And don't think that a hedonistic world would be without religion... it brings people joy and peace and that is good. However there needs to be a complete seperation of church and state. Christian parents need to wait till there children are of adulthood before they tell them what they believe to be true as beliefs. None of this proven until unproven that creationists are spreading at the moment.

And yes I would argue that all of man kinds history is evidence towards that last point. Look at where we've come from - cavemen, neanderthals, barbarians, vikings, slave owners, pirates, all of these things. And for the most part humans are becoming better. We know more now about the universe, each other, and everything between than ever before. We have extended our life-spans to tremendous lengths, and although diabetes is starting to become a serious threat, we are growing more intelligent and peaceful than ever. Murder rates are going down across the globe. We have a United Nations that connects almost all the people on the planet. We have art, science, international marriages, people of all colours, sexualities, age are talking and laughing with one another across the world. So yes. I believe that man kind is and always will strive for better. There may be anarchists and psychopaths for the rest of time, but they will never outnumber those who believe in the future. We will conquer the stars decades, not centuries from now.

We will create sustainable life across the universe.

And we will be immortal.

And when we are gods, you will see there is no god other than those who dare to dream.

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