NiP vs. EnVyUs | BO3 | 28.03.15 | 19:00 CET

I'll give this a shot. 2nd 'analysis'. Be gentle :)

EnVyUs: This team always has great team play and form honestly. Sure, they'll lose it and be down on rounds on a map. They take a pause and it seems like they almost 'always' bring it back and do well. (could be argued that Na'Vi should have won though due to what felt like very unfortunate rounds cough ?throws? cough (I kid, but it was odd to see). Very amazing team that works well together. It's true though, that they showed 'shaky' things against Na'Vi in their recent games up until Nuke. Both honestly showed shaky things. This LAN seems to have Na'Vi in pretty good form (though not consistently).

NiP. Almost felt like they were in pain train mode the past two games versus Titan and VP (for sure VP). They were just feeling the momentum for sure. I consider, this LAN, Titan and VP to not really be performing that well, however, and really seem off. So it's difficult to judge their wins (not taking the wins away or discrediting them. They were amazing to watch).

OVERALL I feel like both teams are very good, and NiP showed very good momentum and 'plowing' (I know it's a VP thing, but they still did it). EnVyUs just shows really good composure and knows how to work it back a lot (Not saying NiP doesn't, NV just does it well and noticeably more IMHO).

MY BET: I'm going to go low on EnVyUs because of these nice odds. This game, in my opinion, is pure 50/50 or maybe 55/45 for NiP (just because of momentum and maybe their energy). There are a lot of valid points brought up in favor of both teams recently (NV took the Bo5 for example, and NiP plow today). I put about a buck something on EnVyUs. Hope to watch a good game. Good luck :) Hopefully we'll see a good game. Regardless of what you bet, this is a HIGH RISK game. It could really go either way I think. Not a game I think to blow a lot of money on.

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