No Man’s Sky - SURVIVE Video | PS4

None of these videos instill any confidence in me that this game will be worth full AAA price.

To you, or at all? There I plenty of games that I can see other enjoying, that I wouldn't value at $60 but can understand why they are priced at that for what they are.

I just don't want this to be a game about going from one tier of minerals to another to upgrade from one tier of space suit to the next. I had enough of that in Starbound and that game at least had a campaign and solid multiplayer.

"at least"

Lol at that little quip in there. The game doesn't need a storyline above the Dark Sous-esque one that's there. Personally, I think a traditional campaign would completely ruin and undermine the fundamental point of the game. The same for traditional multiplayer.

Though the latter wouldn't affect my enjoyment if included in all likelihood, I still think it's cheap to criticize a game for simply not being multiplayer if it was never intended to be.

I just find it strange. It's obvious there will be resource collection, to develop new/specific gear, to better your options when exploring further. That's the point of the game. Theres a lot more to it than that and I know I'll be focusing less on minerals and more on exploration and intrigue - like I did with Minecraft.

If you're burnt out on that type of game though, maybe don't buy another one to just be disappointed and moan about it for not being something you were looking for, but it never claimed to be.

If I'm sick of football games I don't switch from PES to FIFA.

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