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There's nothing pathetic about feeling this way. Two years ago, suddenly one day i decided to delete all my social media accounts. The reason mostly was having almost no interactions with anyone for days. I mean sometimes i just looked at the people who were online at that very moment and used to wonder like "None of these people have a single minute to talk to me!". It started to feel very depressing to even logging into those social media accounts so i just deleted them once and for all. And guess what, months went by and hardly anyone tried to contact me or even noticed that i was gone. I still had those one or two people who are my friends irl but those hundreds of online friends just vanished overnight for me. Thankfully I got used to it very easily and it doesn't bother me anymore at all. But I sure hope you won't have to do anything this drastic. Don't worry about these too much. Keep yourself busy doing something you really love.
PS- Sorry for my poor english as i am not a native speaker.

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