Obama Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

"We have 90 fucking million people out of the work force."

And yet those 90 million people, despite there being a large amount of field labor work available, still don't sign up for those jobs. So it's irrelevant. You can't complain about stolen jobs if the jobs weren't wanted in the first place. That tells you something, though, doesn't it? When even people who have no jobs don't want to take the jobs?

And bloody hell, we even have empirical data to support that argument. Alabama tried cracking down on the illegal immigrants that worked the fields, citing that they were stealing American jobs. You know what happened to those job openings? They stayed opens and many farmers had to start growing less produce because they didn't have enough workers to pick the produce. Arizona did the same thing, and got the same results. Etc, etc.

California farmers fear about losing immigrant workers if they get amnesty because, on top of their already existing labor shortage (caused by Americans not wanting these "American jobs"), they could lose many thousands of workers who choose they no longer need to remained shackled to farms. And California is not the only one complaining about this too.

And, to be fair, there's good reason for that. Those jobs are grueling, taking an absurd amount of physical labor over long hours for very, very little pay.

But, anywho, my point is: you are wrong. Very, very wrong. They don't steal jobs. They take empty jobs no one wants. They help the economy by providing labor that would otherwise not be there, and allow you to enjoy luxuries like cheap orange juice and tomatoes.

If you are going to argue about something, at least look up your basic facts.

"More than ever.""

More than ever? The Great Depression would like a word with you. Or hell, even the state of the economy any time in the last ~6 years. We currently have the lowest national unemployment we've seen in quite a while.

Again, before you complain, at least learn the facts of what you are talking about.

"The illegals that are SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING THE ECONOMY did nothing to help the economies they left"

Actually, they did. By supplying labor to the economy and producing either products, or the raw goods need to produce finished products.

But anywho, the major reasons why people immigrate here (illegally) are to: 1) escape violence, 2) escape political suppression, 3) make a better wage than they did back home. It's not because they weren't he

"what indicates they will help the one they came to,"

Ummm...pretty much all data available? The fact that when states pass laws banning them from working, agricultural (and other types of basic hard labor) jobs tend to suffer huge deficits that can't be even nearly covered by willing American workers? The fact that farmers get nervous because they might lose their workforce if they are granted basic rights they should be entitled to as humans?

But hey, you can always prove me wrong. Come on, cite some data. Show me studies that disprove what I say. If you are, as you insist, so very right on this topic, then it should be trivial to prove me wrong and cite empirical examples to support your argument.

"which I assume will result in generations of lawsuits and reparations."

Doubt it. There's no legal argument to be had that they can press to say they deserve reparations.

"And you want to tell me this is GOOD?"

No, I'm not saying it's good. I'm saying it's GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY.

Morally, what employers do to these people is fucking reprehensible - made to work extremely long hours for barely any amount of pay, sometimes under dangerous conditions (e.g. tobacco pickers). Absolutely terrible living conditions, little access to necessary services, and threat of deportation if they try to assert any of their human rights. So ethically, these people are treated terribly.

But ECONOMICALLY? Economically they bolster the economy and help guarantee you can enjoy cheap orange juice and apples. Their labor holds up multi-billion dollar industries, and allow them to expand and grow.

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