[Off-Topic] Daily Chat: 2018-10-27

Got cock blocked again yesterday.... Lol. So gym girls bf might be starting to realize something is going on. He asked to go to the gym with her yesterday. So um some things kind of make sense now. Dude is a lanky one plate bencher and a girl who wants to be man handled. Then she was making fun of his workout to me all pissed he came with her. So that was pretty funny.

We still deadlifted with each other lol. Pulled 565 and 585 while still kinda sick. The 500lb singles emom 10 minutes.

Holy Shit got my first roid pump. 90lb dumbbells sitting in my lap for DB shoulder press. I was tapping my foot with them on my knees and my calf shit a fucking brick. Like debilitating. First time I've had this happen. Avoided it with adrol. I feel like training at 5am affects the pump lol.

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