OG Bloggers - where are they now?

Me too! I had a Geocities page where I wrote book reviews, and I also reviewed each new issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. It was really new back then and I would make the recipes and post about them, but I'd mostly talk about the updates she did on her house and her chickens and the Good Things.

Somehow through that I ended up reading a blog called Coffee Shakes written by a young woman named Sage who met her boyfriend online back when that was weird, and they got together and are actually still together today (I still follow her on facebook). She was the first person I knew to do a podcast! Like 8 years before they got popular.

And I also am still in touch with another Geocities reviewer, I think she was ShyKitty? back then who used to travel to different Borders book stores in her state and talk about the quality of this particular Borders, and she'd sit around and read an entire book while she was there and review that, too.

Fun super weird niche times!

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