Open Guard Pass Catcher Position

From Jeremy:

In this video I show a pass from the Catcher Position. 

This is a fairly uncommon position during tournaments because it requires you to break contact from your opponent and also have enough space to squat outside their Guard. This is uncommon because in the rules it says you cant pull Guard without first making contact. If you are in an event or tournament where someone can butt flop or sit guard without contact this can be a great move and you can use it frequently. In normal IBJJF tournaments this is a great option if you break contact and must re-engage your opponent.

I really like this pass and the others from that Catchers Position because it avoids a lot of the common trending moves in BJJ competitions right now, mainly the De La Riva sweeps and their variants. 

If you're afraid that your opponent is going to get under you or set up one of these types of guards I highly recommend this. The fact that your heels are close to your bottom and your knees are bowed out is a really great preventative measure to those guards.

This move is not without its dangers. You can not, under any circumstances, allow a hand grip on the collar. You have good balance and base here but an explosive collar drag or collar snatch is going to force you to drop your knee/knees to the floor, overshoot their guard or in a worst case scenario, face plant. You must fight those grips at all cost or play a different set of passes. 

Make sure to watch the video and see where my grips go. The hand grip on the ankle is very important. This will feel uncomfortable initially but as you move around to Side Control the grip will become very powerful and comfortable. 

Your head placement is also very important. If you put it on the floor on the near side of the body you are basically giving them a free Back Control position. If you place your head lazily on the top hip or keep it up (off the body) you may find yourself in a Triangle.

Lastly that shoulder grip is very important as well (I know I'm saying all of these grips and head placements are important, because they are) because as you continue your pass it will turn into a cross face and eliminate a lot of the problems that your opponent will make for you while also allowing you to control their chin in Side Control.

Rep this out a few times. It doesnt have a lot of steps to lead to a good position but the steps that are included are all important. 

Let me know how it works for you.
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