Jonnatas Gracie's amazing strength!

All the pearl clutching about roids aside, the paying customers in combat sports don't actually care about "steroid cheats". I mean, look at Jon Jones last week. The entire areana was on his side, failing for "picograms" is probably the least shitty thing he has done lol.

personally, I think the entire narrative around roids has been framed from a governmental ant-drug propagandist perspective. Its not actually about "fighter health". If it is about fighter health then that probably even worse. Who is the government to tell adults what they can and cannot do? There needs to be an actual scientific approach. Clearly total prohibition of any substance has NEVER been successful. Not in our lifetimes or anytime before. I'd be willing to bet a large % of people reading this have used highly regulated and/or illegal substances (like recreational drugs) and had no problem getting or using them. It's not fooling anyone. Further, if they actually have a doctor note.. who is anyone else to tell what happens between a patient and their doctor? It's all so stupid.

If it was above ground and not a total ban we might actually start to get a better idea of this. If people could report and/or be tested but without consequences. Maybe this stuff might actually be studied to see what the real impacts are, if any. Right now all we have is propaganda and bro science.

I don't have any answers really. I also don't really care, its kind of a non issue. In particular when it comes to MMA. Taking head trauma causes lasting and persistent damage. This is a fact. This is not debatable and well established. Zero medical professionals will tell you getting concussions are "no big deal". But that's cool? Because it entertains you? If you yell "OHHHHH" doing your best rogan impression losing your shit while a dude lays there lifelessly KO'ed, stfu about "fighter health" and pearl clutching over roids.

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