Opinions on paying for music production courses?

Why not do the same program at a not for profit school? For profit schools just want your money, they don't care about anything else. I don't know how the Canadian university system works, but in the US, we have state schools. State schools have affordable tuition, along with scholarships and financial aid. You can also look into private not for profit schools... they tend to be more expensive than state schools, but also offer scholarships and aid. In the end, whether you go to a private or state not for profit school, you'll end up with a diploma (if you graduate, obviously). Even if you stop caring about music, as much as you do now, a diploma will come in handy. It shows employers that you were responsible enough to get through a program... doesn't really matter what program, but that you had the focus to get through one. I know people who got degrees in a certain field and ended up going in a totally different direction, employment wise; but their degrees still helped them secure a job. Point being, look into ALL of your options, instead of putting yourself in debt.

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