Oregon residents are illegally stopping drivers at gunpoint during wildfire evacuations, sheriff says

wow, people amaze me and surprise me again by proving how fucking stupid they are.

i cant believe im having to say this but; yes... yes its a completely stupid fucking idea to charge your vehicle towards men with guns pulling over peoples cars.

yes, yes it would be smart if they were already shooting at you but theyre not, so on one hand you risk possibly going through the illegal inspection and possibly getting shot or kidnapped and on the other hand you are guaranteeing they will try to shoot and kidnap you.

its like 'oh boy the cops might overreact and kill me in this checkpoint, i better try to kill them first'. yea the civilians arent legally allowed to stop you at gun point but is this the hill you want to die on people? 'youre not allowed to stop me so im gonna engage and try to kill you first'?

like yea, holy shit, you have to be an absolute moron to preach about peace and they go and say 'run those people over'.

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