Have other women on here ever experienced insane body dysmorphia re: small breasts?

ya i used to have a best friend who had big boobs. i didn’t really care tbh. i was waiting for mine to come in. (they did eventually but just grapefruits and not big melons like hers.)

anyway, when we were growing up, any time she liked a guy, the guy she liked ended up liking me. like in middle school, she already had her boobs, but i didn’t so i was still enjoying my early teens without the burden of being sexualized too much. guys would date her, eventually dump her, and then ask me out? which y’know was whatever, but it’s weird that it happened several times lol.

so later on in life, i was exploring my attraction to women, and i had some girlfriends during a span of time. i got a weird vibe that she was trying to flirt with my girlfriends??? and after checking the texts between my bff and like two different girlfriends at two different periods of time, she totally was??? she was trying to seduce my girlfriends and was sending them pics of her boobs???

i had a feeling she was trying to get back at me for middle school when several dudes she dated turned out to have only been dating her to get closer to me.

i’m not friends with her anymore but even until the last year of our friendship, she was trying to flirt with whoever i was dating. i wasn’t the best best friend to her like ok i was neglectful but she kinda deserved it. i never confronted her for the times she tried to steal my girls and also the one guy i dated and ended up marrying but i did treat her like shit, although i spent a lot of money on her because she was still my best friend and she was an asshole that i spent a good chunk of my childhood with.

i really didn’t mind having small boobs but every time i see a woman with big boobs getting flirty with my handsome chechen husband i get annoyed and think about it for like 3 days. it’s jealousy ig but i have no reason to be jealous, my husband loves God more than me, he would feel too guilty to commit adultery. i think he’d be a monk if it weren’t for the fact that i’m a good wife. lol

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