Yeah, in general I think Eisenberg could pull him off (although I still don't like the iterations of the Riddler being completely worthless physically--not saying he should be intimidating but one slap shouldn't take him out of the game or else he'd never have survived as a criminal).
In general I've pictured Riddler as overly composed, if anything. I mean, he is smart but he wants everyone to know it/think it and the people I know who want everyone to think they're smart tend to act a little overly composed. He thinks he's better than other people and above everyone. So Eisenberg could definitely pull it off but what we saw in Bvs, for much of it, isn't how I'd really envision the Riddler.
But that's just me and I also don't love how he's portrayed in a lot of the comics, either.
They steal his schtick and give it to the Joker way too often. Although that's been called out often enough.

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