I own a small business and I’ve been in business for 7 years. I have a staff of 6, and I’ve increased my profits every year by 15-20%. I am very budget savvy, set money aside for emergencies, budget everything, and thought I had planned for any unexpected events. Continued below.

Thanks. I do have my car listed it’s a 2002 Honda Civic with 200,000 miles. I had planned on buying a new car this year as I have had this car since 2002 and was in a position where car payments would not hinder me. So far, no bites. Credit card is a no-go. While I do have excellent credit, I just bought my house and with the business expenses going through my personal credit, (again another way small business get the raw deal), my DTI is too high. Reverse mortgage won’t work as I bought my house 7 months ago. I did put an ad for a roommate but I have a small 2 bedroom condo and am allergic to dogs and prefer not to have cats, no bites there either. I have already dipped into my 401k, and am unable to withdraw anymore without going on disability which I can’t do or I lose the business- affects my rent there, insurance, manager license etc., and even then I take a huge penalty and once you go on disability it’s rather hard to get back out of that and rebuild everything. Believe me, I have explored every single avenue. If I hadn’t just have had an emergency hysterectomy I would even have offered to be a surrogate as I am young, single and fertile. (Well, was..) :(

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