Oxford ends women-only fellowship after university rules that it breaches equality law - This is the first time that the university has opened up a historically female-only fellowship to male applicants, and the move has prompted a backlash from previous recipients.

Change in attitudes.

So, what do you mean by change in attitudes? Women are now more socialised to be interested in stem, as in, it’s more culturally acceptable?

And how would you explain the low STEM enrollment in Sweden? The social programs in place create equal opportunity, so biological differences become more apparent.

You’re asking this despite me pointing out that there is a difference between social reform committed by governments (instantaneous) and a change in cultural biases and expectations (eg women as caregiver) (which takes 50+ years to alter occur). Like I said, you need to wait 50+ years before culture changes and new socialisation and expectations can fully settle (like in Sweden). Equal opportunity does not mean immediate change. See: end of Jim Crow laws in America, and the eventual attitude changes towards African Americans that is still evolving TODAY. You also cannot attribute it to biological differences, you even say below that socialisation plays a role, so how can you attribute it to biological difference?

Just to add, I accidentally deleted my comment above when I tried to add something, so I shall just say it here:

The reason I’m picking apart your statement is because it seems intellectually dishonest. I firmly believe sexual dimorphism is real and there are, on average, clear differences between men and women. What I’m questioning is how on earth you can claim Sweden is on the “most equal countries” just because of some laws the govt passed, as it simply isn’t possible. Sexism and sexual biases will always exist, unless we literally all became gender less carbon copies. The idea that anywhere genuinely equal can exist is ridiculous in itself.

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