This subreddit is not just for women, according to the actual subreddit.

This sub isn’t only for women but I think it should only be for those who suffer from PCOS. Whether they’re women, non binary, FtM, etc. doesn’t matter to me but to have men on this sub or MtF (who most likely do not/cannot have PCOS) on here policing and nitpicking every little thing we post is unnecessary. I do think the post that triggered all of this was transphobic but some of the responses from men or MtF is just... yikes. Why post on a sub that’s about an illness that doesn’t affect you at all?? How the hell did they even find that post?

I have the same issue with that weird guy who comments on every post telling us that our diet is wrong/he has the magical cure for PCOS. There’s just no reason for non-PCOS sufferers to be posting on here. It’s annoying.

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