People just don’t like me and I don’t know why

I have the same problem. One thing you said doesnt make alot of sense to me, you seem to think that people should like you, talk to you just because you are a nice person. Thats not how it works. People just care that you are ''nice enough'', if you agree with them enough, have enough synergy with them, or add to their life in some other way, they will like listening to you. Even just talking, without being particularly interesting van work better then being a nice person. People will listen to you just because you have a nice voice, or a relaxed, or joyfull tone or something like that.

My advice: Keep going out there, try to be a little bit more dominant, assertive. Try to get in a conversation with people without being really nice. Talk about stuff you have in commen. Use the upsides of your personality and attract people with it.

Hope im not sounding to know at all, im not good at it myself but i contribute alot of my difficulty to general energy problems.

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