People no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life, survey shows

I finished my last work phone call thirty minutes ago at 2:35am. I worked both weekend days again. Dinner meetings four nights this week. Presumably that gives me credentials as a hard worker. I’m in a vortex unlike the thousands of redditors. I like my job. The rewards are far far greater than monetary. But the money isn’t bad because I started my own business. Admittedly I’m a privileged middle class white guy but my dad was the first college goer. He gave me lots of resources when I was a kid but nothing since college.

I had a crappy network and I’m introverted. Meeting people was fracking hard and selling to them harder. I work every day at being better at that and so much more.

Hard work is totally worth it for me. I don’t get the they don’t pay me enough crowd. Is that all you care about?

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