People that were born in a cult? What was it like? How did you free yourself?

Yes, if anything bad happens to you is because god is trying to grab your attention so you can be better in church. I was so mind fucked when I left church...they brainwash you into thinking that if you leave LLDM then bad things are going to happen to you, that’s god punishing you. At the age of 17-18 I was having mental breakdowns, anxiety and I thought god was punishing me for leaving church by messing up my mental health..for about 1-2 years I really really tried to believe in god & I would tell myself that I’ll probably go back to church when I’m 30 because I was still paranoid that I was going to be punished. but then the news came out 2 years ago, that their leader is going to jail and I was mind fucked again. There’s no god, that church is fake just like any other religion on this earth. I did shrooms & had a spiritual awakening, I no longer believe in anything. I’m just a good person living life. LLDM stands for “la luz del mundo” which means the light of the world. If you have time look them up on YouTube.

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