People who hate their do you get through each day?

I left the job I hated bc it was so draining and high stress. I did recruiting and safety training for general labour temp jobs. I had a work phone that I could only shut off for maybe 3 or 4 hours a night (about 1am-5am) bc I had to take sick calls from employees and make calls to fill their shifts right away. If the client didn't have people for the shifts, it would come down on my head. And people called constantly and I had to constantly have people on backup, but nobody wants to work last minute or not have job security. It felt impossible to do. I worked like 60 hours a week but got paid for 40. If I wanted to make plans on a weekend, too bad, I had to have my phone on and do work from home bc many clients had weekend jobs and I would be constantly having to step aside and work if I was with friends or family. I couldn't sleep, had zero time for myself. I was the only person in our office and we had dozens of clients. They would also cancel shifts and I'd have a list of 20 plus people I'd be calling in the evening at home to tell them not to work. I wouldn't be able to get them back again bc they would be upset, understandably. I still hear that phantom ringtone and if I hear someone else in public that had the same one, I feel fucking sick.

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