'Please Don't Shoot Me': Dog Walker Begs for Life Before Being Shot And Killed By Highschool Freshmen

What do you want normal, law-abiding people to do? Ignore the massively disproportionate rates of rape, violent assault, and murder committed by black citizens, both by number of arrests and by victimization studies? Ignore the fact that every single city in which black citizens come close to the majority is a crime-riddled cesspool, destroying property values and pushing out businesses because their behavior isn't tolerated by the vast majority of society? Fuck "White Flight", it should be called "Black Rot", because everywhere they move, crime and degeneracy follow. Are we to ignore that black citizens are given tons and tons of opportunities, and if they were to only grasp them and latch on, they would be wildly successful?

I'm sick of not saying anything. There's a major problem infecting the U.S. and, in some areas, Western Europe. You see, you just read this as "evil racist, hating them for no reason."

That's not the case

I do not hate black citizens for their skin color. That's shortsighted and silly, I don't care if they're purple or crimson or ultraviolet. It's the behavior of the massive majority that I abhor. The values and lifestyles chosen by the overwhelming vast majority of black citizens are antithesis to community- and nation-building and placing trust in your neighbors. I've lived in nearly white-only areas, and nearly black-only areas, and - holy shit - the difference was staggering. The average household income of the white county I lived in was approximately $19,100, and the average household income of the black county I lived in was $23,400. In the white county, students behaved and learned. While only 5 of the 28 students in my white class went on to college, nearly all are now either successful entrepreneurs opening up local shops, skilled tradesmen, or military officers. People didn't have to watch their back for fear of being stabbed because they stepped on someone's sneakers at school in the lunch line (Yes, this actually happened at the black school I went to). The houses weren't rundown drug havens, and surrounding community nearly all got along....it was awesome, a great place to grow up. The black school and city I went to was vastly different....constant fights for "disrespecting", total disregard and downright contempt for the teacher who asked them to do basic tasks like "read this simple book". Girls having their hair ripped out for looking at another girls boyfriend, and constant sexual assault by the black boys and wiggers, primarily of the severely unfortunate white girls who had to attend the school.

I grew to detest those kids, their parents, and the culture/behavior that they exhibited. I didn't hate them because their skin was black, I hated them because every black person I met was consistently a willfully dumb, crass, aggressive person whose values were literally opposed to mine in every manner I could imagine. Just about two months ago, a classmate of mine was shot and killed by three blacks over a robbery just a few blocks from where I go to work every single day. I had a knife pulled on me while walking to my car, but luckily the black male was far enough away and I saw him in time to pull my CCW from my pocket and aim it, successfully yelling at him to back the fuck off.

Sorry for the rant, but the vast majority of people like me don't hate them simply for their skin, but for the behaviors and culture that the supermajority of black people share. I just see the patterns, learned the heuristics, and followed them to an obvious conclusion.

tl;dr: I'm literally Hitler for detesting criminality and degeneracy.

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