please help with advice to save my brother from meth

ayy I agree with this post to a certain degree, post break up drugs felt like the only thing that were keeping me together in a sense, they helped take my mind off the problems at hand, but honestly, that was part of the problem in itself. Of course, focusing on the drugs as /the problem/ makes it more difficult to deal with the emotion, but at some point you can't run from the problems, and drugs don't fix them, they distract, temporarily, but the best way to get through it is with a clear head. I fully feel where you're coming though with the feeling the want to use more than ever, but like, shit happens, if we don't learn to cope with it that's how we fuck ourselves up and waste our lives away.

If I lost my job for instance and only had like 100 bucks to my name, I would be tempted to spend it on drugs

but I might need that 100 bucks for something more important, and drugs aint gonna get me another job, well, at least not a stable job that I can rely on as a major source of income without putting myself at risk

emotional pain is hard to get through, but this is why he needs support, something to get his mind off the drugs so he can face the reality of things with a clear perspective, and unfortunately, meth being meth, that's probably gonna take a lot longer than the more benign, less head fuck substances

I didn't come to terms with and move on from my ex for near on 2 years cause I just kept hiding from the reality of it through chronic drug use, eventually got to meth for a short while, sobered up, took a while to recover, came to terms with it, life's pretty sweet now. Drugs are tempting distractions, and can be useful in the short term, but they are also a trap when it comes to dealing with coming to terms with problems, the thing is, meth tends to get in the way and becomes the major focus and throws everything else out of whack, and getting off from the addiction in order to face the issue with a clear head is probably the only way to truly come to terms with it, as such, as much as I agree about /not focusing on the drug itself as the problem/ you gotta be careful how you approach that, because the drug itself is definitely a problem, the trick is to shift the focus from the drug it self, outright, and part of that is identifying that it is a problem when it's too in the way to even deal with things

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