The plight of the asset-less 40-somethings who cannot get on the housing ladder

Keeping this short, look at the age-based demographics on which age group voted for who. This data will tell you all you need to know about contemporary British politics.

There's a point at which you have to recognise, as a young person, that you're not a member of society, but a mug. A mark, to be exploited by generations before you that did great in the good times and well in the bad times. Their votes ensured it.

I live in London so I'm bias, but I say f*** this country and its gerontocracy. I wonder if the universality of English is beginning to haunt us as we realise that we'll never be able to live elsewhere without serious effort. We have no ability to work in many places in Europe, beyond leveraging the cultural supremacy of English.

This is Trainspotting stuff, but for the English, it's a shite state of affairs! Every young renter in London (as I said, I live here) is being exploited not by some ethereal super-elite the Guardian would like you to believe in but by a very boorish alternative - the previous generation, beneficiaries of gifts that will take decades to pay off.

But that generation votes, the Tories know it and they target them. It's not just that they vote, they vastly outnumber the young in this country. Even if the young voted in equal number, contrary to the popular saying, it would have little impact.

I think we're beyond the point at which you can say that the mockery of our generation's prospects has pervaded society. With no recourse, I'd suggest leaving London (once again, I live here, practically a city state so I'm bias) or the UK. There are better prospects measured at the very least by quality of life elsewhere. London is brilliant if you can demand the salary to make it so, but if you can't, as 90% + can't, you're better off elsewhere.

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