PM Modi a good leader; Christians not insecure in India: Cardinal Mar George Alencherry

From the article

"Prime Minister Modi is a good leader. He tries to be one and succeeds in doing so. He avoided getting into a fight with anyone. He has been successful in improving India's image abroad. He is really open and welcoming. That is leadership. Also, there are many things common between Hinduism and Christianity. The concept of harmony in Hinduism is very inspiring to me." - he said.

Alencherry also said that Christians do not have any insecurity now in the Bharatiya Janata Party ruling India.

Allencherry said that Muslims may fear that if Hindus get absolute power, they will drive them away. "Their fear is probably based on what's happening in Muslim countries, where other communities are suppressed."

Talking about Christians' perception of the BJP, he said that people will get closer to any party which does good things for them.

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