PMDD alongside BPD

I don't have BPD, but I began experiencing extreme emotional instability a week before my period after I got the Mirena (was also in a verbally/emotionally abusive atmosphere, so that could have added to it.) I do not get suicidal, but I have an increase in anxiety and depression and on bad months panic attacks. Got the IUD removed summer of 2016 and slowly things have gotten better. I do still have bad months but it's not every month now...and honestly I can say at this point I don't identify with PMDD except on those bad months. It would probably be less of an issue if I ate better and exercised. I'm currently getting back into working on that. Hopefully the addition of a healthier lifestyle will help with alleviating some or all of that.

This isn't exactly similar to your situation but maybe my experience and thoughts on the matter help in some way ♡

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