It's the police...

It's not a collectivist narrative,

Yes it is.

nor is it complicated.

Meh. You've cherry-picked a few points and distilled them. The reality is still complicated even if your caricature of it isn't.

Your "point" is tainted by elitism which treats blacks as subhuman and allows them no responsibility for their choices to ignore educational and career opportunities and their choosing to denigrate ("Uncle Tom", "acting white") other blacks who try to succeed.

Leftists, who are effectively in total control of inner-city education, are indoctrinating them to play the victim instead of to pursue success. Why? It is no coincidence that the only income sector Obama won in 2012 was the under 50k group. Liberal leaders know that as minorities succeed, their votes will defect. That is why there is currently a full-court press by the leftist establishment to frame minorities and females as permanent "victims", to keep them "on the plantation". If they actually solve the issue, they reduce their base.

Past racism and its negative effect on minority culture is, as you say, a fact of history that cannot be changed. However, the part that you conveniently skipped over is that it is self-perpetuating. They are not sub-human, but are fully equal to all others. As such, they in fact do have a responsibility to step up. Accordingly, the question is, what can we do to help them break the cycle?

Our finest educational institutions and corporations are eager to provide educational and career opportunities and have been for decades. However, reportedly, the poor K-12 education that many are getting still puts them at a large disadvantage. Providing school vouchers for disadvantaged minorities to obtain a top quality education should be a slam-dunk, but it is fought tooth and nail by the liberal establishment, which is a shameful outrage.

And it's not enough just to provide the opportunities; it's critical that the social headwinds caused by their own community and from the political left and right needs to fucking stop so these kids will be encouraged to participate and succeed at the same rate everyone else does. Every day each of these (their own community, the left, and the right) doesn't own up to their own participation in perpetuating the problem is another day the inequity continues.

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