The Police Will Never Change In America. My experience in police academy.

It’s worth considering the US military’s part in all this. They created tens of thousands of American “warriors” whose sole purpose was to destroy enemy combatants, then sent them to fight pointless wars for 20+ years and, upon their return, didn’t do a goddamn thing to actively help those people de-program their “warrior” training or re-acclimate into a peaceful & civil society. The number of friends and relatives that have been home for 3, 5, 10+ years who STILL say how they wish they could go back (literally, back to a war zone) is shocking. It sounds unbelievable but deployed to a war zone is somehow, in their minds, where they feel the most content.

The police are simply an extension of the military at this point and the wars have come home. So many comabt vets will continue to “fight” the wars here because it is what they know best.

I have no idea how we help them or fix policing culture at this point.

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