Poll: Over half of Ukrainians will actively resist Russian invasion

Not unless attrition has changed, new tech helps but it's not the deciding factor by a long shot. Neither side will nuke and that leaves attrition. So infantry. The Grey Ranks were literally kids with garbage weaponry and they held off both nazis and the red army for quite some time.



Familiarity of territory

Will power of defending population

Supply shortages

Guerrilla tactics

Weaponry and gear(they are getting flooded with new weapons and gear by the US and others)

Also consider history, the US invaded what, 7 countries? How many of them does the world consider a "success" on America's side? Most would call our wars in the Middle East total disasters and a colossal failure. Tech helped but again, it doesn't guarantee victory. Vietnam is considered widely by many countries other than the US to be a defeat for us. WW2 and WW1 are full of examples where the better equipped army failed to overrun much smaller and far less equipped defending forces. Those countries did not have the US support equipment and training wise whereas Ukraine does and it has even more from other countries pitching in.

Bout the only way it would be a wash is if Russia had terminator style War machines, which I assume they don't.

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