Presenting Appcept: accepting your match from your phone

You're the only one being an asshole. You keep getting mad and crying over people posting links to Better apps and other programs that do the same thing yours does, but better, and has been around longer than yours.. Why are you being a little shitter? Calm down. People can post whatever the Fuck they want, whenever the Fuck they want. You being slow at making a shitty program/appshit thing doens't mean you get mad at people who did it better than you did. Gtfo reddit, chump ass bitch. Running this program into the ground. Enjoy your 11 downlaods lmao. :p Wow! This is basically as a downloaded version! I suggest using, No downloads. Faster, easier, better, no spammy ads like this guys CRAPCEPT imitation joke. :) Free, Easy, and works for not just Accepting but going into Champion select! First pick, last pick doens't matter! Also don't let it stop you there! LEague isnt the only thing could be used for! Share screens with not only your phone, but other people! Accept your friends queue pops! Watch their porn! Be classy! Just don't downlaod this guys shitfest and use! NO DOWNLOADS FREE!!! WOOOO!!!111111111!1 Replying to you directly since the OP deleted his thumbs down'd posts, lmfao!

Also: Google Screen share works just as well as No downloads. No ads spam popping up like on this crapcept shit. Easier, simpler, All around better to use one of these two Websites than using a shitty programmed app that you have to download keyloggers onto your computer for this random guy to steal all your passwords. Why even take the chance on that happening? Just use a free website that reqs NO downloads. Reposting to every comment you've made - As to warn everyone about you. You can keep trying to keep the truth a secret, but it takes literally 3 seconds to make a new account and post my comment again. You and your evil ways will be stopped, cunt. (All hate @ OP and no one im replying to. He's just a little scared bitch, hiding.)

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